Using Mindfulness to Get in Your Best Shape Ever

Can mindfulness support your athletic endeavors? Whether you're a weekend warrior or aspiring professional - mindfulness practice can improve your performance and results.

A recent study with the University of Kent found that 90 minutes of mindfulness practice per week for eight weeks resulted in increased pain tolerance and decreased stress and anxiety. How can mindfulness benefit you?

1. Enhances focus. Staying in the moment and not worrying about what's happening later can help you get more of your workouts.

2. Cope with Pain. A higher pain tolerance can help you push through tougher efforts. This isn't pushing through injury but the discomfort that arises when we're giving our best

3. Improves Sleep. Sleep is when our body recovers. Anything that improves recovery will improve your overall fitness results.

4. Boost Immune system. A stronger immune system helps prevent illness that could impact training. As well as keeping you feel stronger in general.

5. Reduce Stress. Stress from life and stress from achieving a goal can be reduced. When stress is reduced, you have more fun and appreciation for your activity.

Check out the mindful meditation in this post. Start your mindfulness journey today!

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