Take Care of Your Second Heart, the Soleus

Luis Navarro, M.D., P.C. explains - the second heart is a system of muscles, veins, and valves in the calf and foot that work together to push deoxygenated blood back up to the heart and lungs. Vein valves act as trapdoors that open and close with each muscle contraction to prevent the backflow of blood.

Stimulation of the soleus muscle has been shown to significantly increase cardiac output by enhancing blood return to the heart - leading to better overall circulation. Better circulation improves health in every aspect - so it is important to take care of your second heart!

  • The heart is an amazing organ that pumps between 5 and 7 thousand liters of blood a day. Yet, it is not the only pump in the body

  • While the heart pumps blood out towards the extremities, deep muscles assist in pumping blood back towards the heart. One of the most important muscles for assisting blood flow back to the heart is the soleus muscle

  • Mechanical stimulation of the soleus muscle has been shown to be able to significantly increase cardiac output by enhancing blood return to the heart. Research undertaken at the Westchester Medical Center in New York (1) showed that, for middle aged women undergoing mechanical stimulation of the soleus muscle, blood flow into the lower body (legs and pelvic region) increased by an average of 40%, while blood flow into the upper body (thoracic region) increased by an average of 17%

  • Tight, stiff soleus muscles can radiate pain to the heel, ankle, and as far away as the lower back

  • A trigger point in the soleus muscle can cause jaw pain and pain on the side of the face and head. If you are suffering from pain in the under eye, cheek and jaw area and cannot find relieve, you should consider examining the soleus muscle

Good soleus muscle tone is therefore crucial to our continued health, and for those who have poor tone in their soleus muscles, soles muscle stimulation (“SMS”) provides a convenient means to obtain both immediate relief from inadequate blood return to the heart, as well improved muscle tone over the longer term.

By Alina Turturica. Pharmacy Assistant, General Nurse, Massage Therapist, Reflexology Therapist, Manual Osteopath. Alina currently works for Canyon Ranch - the world’s recognized leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations.


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