Refuel with Chocolate Milk?

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Your Mommy was right…milk really does do a body good and chocolate milk at that!

With race season well underway, you may be searching for something to help you recover faster post workout or race. Guess what, a glass of chocolate milk is the answer as it will provide you with the perfect balance of carbohydrates and high quality protein.

A recent study compared the recovery benefits of chocolate milk vs. your traditional H2O and various sports drinks and found the following:

  • Overall better performance; faster, stronger, more powerful! Trained cyclist from this study were able to knock off approximately 6 minutes from their ride when they recovered with chocolate milk! 6 minutes?! That is crazy!
  • Faster exercise adaptation; Chocolate milk lovers showed twice the improvement in the measure of aerobic fitness and adaptation.
  • Improved body composition; those who continued to recover using chocolate milk were able to gain more muscle and lose more fat during their training.

Why Milk you ask? Chocolate milk packs double the carbs and protein compared to most sports drinks and water. Making this the ideal balance of carbs and protein to replenish those tired muscles not to mention that milk also packs enough water content to keep you hydrated post workout.

Shake that chocolate milk proudly and drink up my friends!

Don’t do dairy…try Chocolate Almond Milk!


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