P.R.E.P. to Win


In this week's episode of the Fit Life with Leonard, Leonard gives you a simple acronym to help set yourself up to win this week.


P - Preset your response to your own excuses. We see our own excuses coming from a mile away. Prepare yourself ahead of time to respond in a way that supports your goals. 

If you use time, as an excuse tell yourself. "I make time for things that are important to me...and taking care of my health and fitness is important to me"

Preset your response. You can even right them down on a notecard, so you can't use the excuse, "I forgot. :)

R – Ramp up your motivation and inspiration. Listen to music, write yourself a letter, print inspirational quotes and put them on your mirror. Find things that get you charged up and start using them right now to get you ready to go for it!

E – Eat and sleep according to your goals. Preplan your meals as much as you can, so you're ready. And get enough sleep so you feel rested and your body is ready to go when it's time. Don't let this be an excuse for you not doing...set yourself up ahead of time be planning meals and planning your sleep.

P – Plan what you’re going to wear. Is it really that easy? Yes. Planning what you're going to wear and setting it ahead of time flips a switch in your brain that goes from "maybe" to "yes...I'm doing this." It's the same idea behind putting on a uniform. We associate uniforms with certain a demeanor and attitude. Get your workout uniform you know when you look good, you feel good!




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