Overcome the Fear of Not Losing Weight

Where your attention goes, energy flows - so if you care constantly telling yourself you're unable to lose weight - then you are consciously and subconsciously reinforcing the belief you can't do it. As a result - you don't lose weight.

How to overcome it:  First, figure out what you want in as much detail as you can muster. Is it about getting to a weight that makes you feel healthy and strong? Is it about getting a physique competitors body? Or is about feeling and looking healthy and vibrant?

Instead of focusing your attention on an inability to lose weight, direct your attention to what you want and take inspired action towards creating what you want (not necessarily weight loss). The inspired action may look like drinking more water or eating more vegetables. Whatever it is, take action that focuses on what you want.

Do you have a habit of being unkind to yourself - especially when it comes to your body and weight? Then it's time to tell yourself a new story. Every time you try to make a negative comment about your body or your weight - counter it with something positive. Be rigorous about saying something positive and uplifting about your body and weight. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you practice the easier it will be.

A little more confidence and self-love goes a long way towards creating the fitness and body we desire. Just don't try it - consistently do it. You will see changes that will delight you.

If you need additional support - fitness and health coaching, contact Leonard ([email protected]).

Quote paraphrased from Henry Ford.

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