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Need a way to unwind? Spend a few minutes in a dry heat sauna. Sauna bathing has been used to promote wellness and relaxation for years, but there is evidence emerging of the many health benefits of hitting the sauna. And what's cool - you can even sauna at home now.

According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings participants who regularly experienced a number of benefits including:

  • reduced risk of vascular diseases
  • relief and alleviation of skin conditions
  • decreased pain from arthritis
  • and, a strong immune system

In addition, participants also reported feeling a stronger sense of well-being - a by-product of the calming and relaxing affects of the sauna bath.

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How do you sauna?

Sauna bathing is a form of passive heat therapy. Typically the temperature is 80oC to 100oC with a humidity of 10%-20%. A typical sauna session consists of alternating short stays in the sauna room with cooling off periods (swim, shower, or a cooling-off period at room temperature). The duration of the sauna last 5 to 20 minutes - it's all about your comfort and relaxation. 

Sauna bathing is a pleasurable and has a good safety profile - most people in generally good health can tolerate a typical sauna; but as with anything involving heat, take necessary precautions to make it safe and enjoyable.

Bottom Line

Sauna bathing, an activity that creates pleasure, wellness, and relaxation, is linked to a remarkable number of health benefits. Sauna bathing may just be the remedy to call on to enhance your health and wellness - particularly in conjunction with exercise or for those who have difficulty exercising.

Try Sauna Bathing at Home


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