Keeping It Short and Sweat

Do you really need to spend a full 60 min in the gym to see results? Check out this study...

Published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, test subjects were given the same exercises, but prescribed different numbers of sets. One group was given five sets, another three, and the last one set or the exercises. 

Participants spent 70 min, 40 min, and 13 min respectively doing the workout as hard as they could. After performing the workout three times a week for eight weeks, the results were surprising. All three groups gained strength, however the actual muscle development between the groups was negligible.

Researchers concluded that ultimately gains have less to do with how long you workout and more with how hard you're working.

While this is one study, it does lend credence to the idea that quality is more important than quantity for any particular workout; so if you're pressed for time - go hard, then go home.

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