Healthy Habits for Busy People

Most of us lead busy lives, making it harder to find time to train, easy to grab the less healthy snack or meal, and tricky to unwind and relax. Not only does this make it harder to reach your goals, get fit or lose weight, but also more challenging just to take care of ourselves in general.

Forming healthy habits that are "easy" to implement and maintain are the key.


  • Prep ahead - On the weekend, prep some of the veggies or meats ahead, make a batch of soup etc, anything that reduces your workload during the week.
  • Have an emergency stash - We can all start the day with good intentions, but when hunger kicks in and there is nothing healthy to hand that we fancy, it’s easy to reach for quick, unhealthy option. So have a few healthy snacks that you can keep in your desk, bag, car home etc. 
  • Dig out the slow cooker - If you are busy, turn on the slow cooker, throw some ingredients in, and leave it cooking during the day, giving you a yummy healthy option to dive into when you are ready.
  • Be mindful - When you are rushing about, it is very easy to eat on the go, but by doing this you miss out on how satisfying the food tastes, how hungry we are, or when to stop.  Give yourself some down time (even if only 2 minutes), to help clear the head and enjoy your food
  • Spice it up - by adding spices, you will boost your metabolism, helping to burn those few extra calories. Herbs and spices also offer a range of other health benefits, such as boosting your antioxidants, increasing blood circulation, reducing cholesterol etc.


  • Interval it up - By adding harder intervals you work harder and can finish quicker. You can either up the pace or resistance.
  • Work the whole body - Rather than just working lower body or upper body, choose exercises that work the whole body. That way you are strengthening more muscles at once, getting better results in a short space of time.
  • Quick strength session - If time is tight, rather than dropping your workout totally, do a short, intense 15 min workout. You still receive the benefits of moving your body, increasing strength and flexibility, and releasing stress


  • Drink - I know this can become a bit repetitive, but as little as 1% dehydration will make you feel tired and affect your concentration. Once you feel thirsty you are already past that point, so drink regularly during the day, aiming for a fluid intake of an ounce per 1/2 lb of body weight.
  • Be mindful - Our brain needs that time to work to its best, and will help you to focus more effectively, which in turn will mean you get more done in less time.



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Disclaimer | The original article is by Carys Brunner. 

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