Are You Sabotaging Your Results?

These six common mistakes could be standing between you and your fitness goals.

Remember the fitness resolutions you've started and stopped? You remember - lose some fat, put on some muscle, and eat clean. How's it going? Have you seen those coveted changes you desire or are you feeling frustrated and not seeing the results you hoped for? If you answered “yes” to the latter, you’re not alone. Even when things are going well, many people fall short of their fitness goals, making it hard to stay focused and motivated. But don’t give up! It's time to reevaluate your plan and see if these common mistakes are undermining your efforts:

1. You’re not working hard enough.
Treating the gym like something you have to cross off your to-do list isn't going to get it done unless you're challenging yourself. Working up a little sweat is cool but to get results you need to push yourself (safely of course). Do you push your intervals with max effort? Get used to pushing past your comfort zone. Try working out with a training partner who motivates you to work harder, or wear a heart rate monitor to measure your effort.

2. You’re underprepared.
In order to maximize your effort, you need a plan. If you can, get advice and guidance from an expert. For example, if you want to run a marathon, hire a running coach; if you want to improve your eating habits, get counsel with a nutritionist. But, if paying for a trainer or nutritionist is not in your budget, refer to reputable resources to educate yourself and create your own plan.

3. Your need to adjust your diet.
Eating chicken and broccoli is great, but if you’re underestimating portion sizes, or forgetting to account for the mindless snacks, you’re undermining yourself. To stay on top of your diet and within your calorie budget, keep a detailed food log for a few weeks - log everything! Start by weighing and measuring your food until you can eyeball proper portions, and limit cheat meals to one or two meals (not per week. Finally, cut back on the wine, beer, and liquor. Alcohol can inhibit your fitness progress, especially if fat loss and muscle building is your focus.

4. You’re overtraining.
Starting a new training program is exciting, but it's easy to overdue it - especially in the beginning. Doing too much too soon can lead to soreness, injuries and burnout - quickly. Make sure to schedule your rest days - and take them; and always warm-up and cool down before and after exercise.

5. You’re suffering from analysis paralysis.
Yes you need to do research and make a plan, but reading too much or listening to too many different opinions can become confusing. To avoid contradictory info, find an expert you resonate with and follow there program and recommendations. If you must use multiple coaches, be smart about creating a plan that works seamlessly.

6. You need to clean up your headspace.
Stop comparing yourself to others...everyine is different! This is your journey stay emotionally and physically committed to your goals, your results will come.


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