50 Shades of Yoga

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If you need another reason to start doing's one! In addition to happy hormones being released, lower inflammation, better stress coping skills, and reduced cortisol, the Journal of Sexual Medicine, says regular practice can improve certain bedroom activities ;)

In a 12 week study, 75% of participants reported their sex life improved drastically after steady yoga practice. You may be thinking it's the increase strength and flexibility, but the authors of the study said that yoga improves attention, reduces anxiety, and increases awareness of self - all factors when playing in the bedroom.

The best poses to improve your prowess and pleasure:

1. Child's Pose
Pregnant woman doing prenatal child yoga pose at home

2. Cat/Cow
Young attractive woman in cow, bitilasana poseYoung attractive woman in cat, marjaryasana pose

3. Shoulder Stand
Young attractive woman in salamba sarvangasana pose

4. Fish
Fish yoga pose

5. Plow
Concentrated sportsman stretching his back and legs

6. Wheel 
Urdhva dhanurasana pose

7. Triangle
Utthita trikonasana pose

8. Cobra
Young attractive woman in bhujangasana pose, white studio backgr


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